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Angela Collier Reynolds

Flutist, Teacher, and Performer


Hear recent live recordings of Angela Collier-Reynolds:

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Astor Piazzolla - "Histoire du Tango"

I. Bordel, 1900

Astor Piazzolla - "Histoire du Tango"

II. Cafe, 1930

 Marin Marais - Les Folies d'Espagne

Ian Clarke - "Within..."

C Flute Soloist - Angela Collier-Reynolds:

George Crumb - An Idyll for the Misbegotten:  

Kaija Saariaho - Laconisme de L'aile

J.S. Bach - Sonata in E Major

I. Adagio ma non tanto

II. Allegro

III. Siciliano

IV. Allegro assai

Pierre Sancan - Sonatine

Franz Doppler - Concerto for Two Flutes

II. Andante

III. Allegro

Robert Dick - Fish Are Jumping

Jindrich Feld - Sonata

I. Allegro giocoso

II. Grave

III. Allegro vivace